Welcome to the Mercenary's Guild! (Wk. 2)
D&D 5e
Ann Arbor, MI
05:00 PM
11:00 PM

As a member of the Mercenary's Guild, you, and a number of specialists, will be assigned to various missions, for which you will be generously rewarded. From heists, to espionage, to assassinations, you'll be called upon to do it all. The Mercenary's Guild will meet weekly (hopefully), but players can drop in and drop off as scheduling permits. Each session will include 3-5 hours of game time and function as independent one off experiences. Returning players will be able to create a roster of characters to choose from, giving them chances to play different classes that are perfectly tailored to their missions. Open to new players and lifetime dungeoneers alike. Build two level 5 characters (super easy on dndbeyond.com) and be ready to play Saturday, November 9th at 5PM. Email hewhittemore@gmail.com for character and game details if you haven't heard from me already. Good luck Adventurers!