• What is this?

    Gyld is a tool to facilitate Tabletop RPG Players and DMs/GMs to Play More! It is a purpose built tool to allow ease of Scheduling Games, Finding Games in Your Area, and Securing a DM/GM

  • How much does it cost?

    Nothing. Gyld is free to sign up for and use. If you decide you want to charge for your DM or GM services (you don’t have to charge) you can. That’s totally up to you.

  • What is the best way to look for games to join?

    Enter your City, State or Zip Code in the Search Box on the Front Page. If there are no games, create a public game with flexible scheduling enabled, you’ll be surprised how fast it fills up with players (and maybe even a DM/GM).

  • How do I know it’s safe to play with strangers?

    Short answer: you don’t. Gyld will list what forms of identification or reference each user has provided, then it’s up to you to decide whether you trust them or not, just like you would with any other person you meet on the Internet.

  • I'd like to set-up a Private Game for my current campaign. Do I have to pay for that?

    Nope. If you have a DM/GM already for an existing game, then go ahead and use the Scheduling tools to help set-up your game and Play More!

  • I see a game that I'd like to join—is there a fee for that?

    Maybe—it's up to the originator of the game to set the fee for open seats.

  • How do I see the games that I'm in?

    Your dashboard and profile page will have your current games sorted and on your calendar.

  • How do I indicate that I'm a DM/GM?

    Go to Account Settings and flip to toggle switch to DM/GM.

  • Does Gyld provide space to play?

    No—Gyld is just the tool to let you more easily set-up games. The location is generally selected by the individual that set-up the game and/or the DM/GM.

  • I'm a DM and I ran a game, but haven't seen payment—what gives?

    The system processes payment 48h after the game closes. If there is any issue, please contact us.